Week Off

By imjohnnykelley, June 28, 2010

I am in Florida for a few days off. It is so needed. Last year I didn’t take any time off. Left in January and didn’t come home till August. That was just way too long. So this year we have had 3 trips home. This is the last trip home before the end of the tour. Sarah and I bought a house a couple months ago, so last trip and this one has been working on it. Last time we were moving everything into the house and trying to set it up. This trip I have been able to be a man around the house more.

Got a lawn mower and cut the grass, doing some landscaping, hanging curtains for the little lady, stuff like that. Today I am working on the sprinkler system. Lighting fried out the old one, so today I am putting in a new one, and then laying some new grass seed and fertilizer for the yard. Trying to make it look purty fer the little lady. So if I don’t blog as much this week, sorry. I will say this to end the blog. If you haven’t read the latest Mark Batterson book “Primal”….get it….and read it.

It is so great. I am actually rereading it right now, and its challenging me again. You can find it here on Amazon or at your local book store. Definitely a great read if you want to take the complex world of being a Christian and make it simple again like it was when you first started.

peace – love – recycle

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