Nothing To Prove

By imjohnnykelley, October 9, 2012

Unfocused: I heard something yesterday that made me laugh. It was from a guy that was at a charity auction. There were a bunch of wealthy people there all bidding on these high dollar items to raise money for the kids at a hospital. These people were paying way more money for these things than they were actually worth. Like $14,000 for a $1,000 cruise….but hey, it’s for the kids so why not. Well one of the items was a painting, and two of the gentlemen got into a bidding war. Finally after the bid was up over $3,000 one of the men turned to his wife and said, “I am gonna go broke proving how rich I am”.

Makes me wonder how often we do that in our personal ministries. How often do we “go broke” creatively trying to prove we are good at creative ministry. So many times I see people in their personal lives, and pastors at their churches try and do too much. We develop so many programs, and very well intentioned events. But they all seem so fall short of what we pictured in our heads. We spend so much time trying to save our entire school, or workplace; only to have no one come to church with us or accept Christ. Makes me think that maybe we are trying to “go broke” proving something.

Maybe we are trying to prove it to ourselves (that we ARE actually good enough). Maybe we are trying to prove it to other people or pastors. Or maybe we are just trying to prove it to God.

We need to become a little more self aware. Know that you aren’t good enough….and the only thing that actually makes you worth it IS God. Who cares what others think about your ability. Live your life for the audience of one….Christ. That is the crux of our message to the people we are reaching out to, yet we seem to ignore it in our ministries and lives. And trying to prove something to God is a ridiculous idea when you realize that…..HE IS GOD. He knows you. Every hair on your head. Do you really think that you are going “prove” something to Him?

Years ago, a friend of mine shared something with me, that has helped me get past these things in my life. You only have 100% of yourself to give. If you split that up into 20 different ministries that means each one is only really able to get 5% of your attention. What if you only split it up into 3. What if the ministry you were trying to make happen all of a sudden went from 5% to 33%, or 50%, or 100%. How much bigger of an impact would your ministry have? God gave you gifts. He also gave us fellow believers to staff the weakness of your ministry.

And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to His purpose. – Romans 8:28

Why don’t you focus your ministry on just a couple areas that you know you can make a huge change in, and let God bring others along side you to reach those other areas. God gave you a purpose….and it wasn’t to “go broke proving how rich you are”. Focus.

peace – love – recycle

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