My favorite day of the year

By imjohnnykelley, July 6, 2010

Its not about the weather, its about forgetting the whether’s. You can decide that you are not going to do what you should based on outside influences that you have no control over. But its YOU and how you use those things as excuses that depicts what kind of life you are going to live. Don’t use the whether’s to keep you from making a difference, or enjoying the life God has for you.

I am a 4th of July nerd. I love it. The whole idea of the holiday appeals to me. I love the family, and the food, and the fireworks. It all works. I love that it is a holiday that doesn’t involve presents. Im not a big present guy, so not having to buy any or receive any makes it even better. This 4th I spent the week at home for a little time off the tour. Spent all week working on the house and trying to spend as much time with Sarah as I can. On the 4th we went to her parents house and had steaks for lunch. It was awesome. Then we went to a minor league baseball game. The Flying Tigers were playing the Dunedin Blue Jays. It was beautiful and sunny till the game ended. Then it stormed.

So after the game the “Blues Brothers” sang. It was good ole fashioned red neck fun. Then the fireworks went off. Oh, and my sister is pregnant. Lots of great stuff made this the best holiday ever. Especially Sarah. I am so happy she is in my life. Makes every day better. Remember, its not about the weather, its about forgetting the whether’s.

peace – love – recycle

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