Because I’m Happy

By imjohnnykelley, June 15, 2014

As I sit here at 1 AM on Fathers Day, I am happy.

I have been blessed so many times in my life with things I know are beyond what I deserve. I was raised by parents that love me. They taught me what it means to be a man of my word, and a man of God. My mother is incredible, crazy, lovable, and everything else you hope and pray a mom can be. I have a dad that is a textbook example of how to be a great husband and father. They both are responsible for all the best things in me. The worst stuff is my fault, but they get the credit for all the good.

Because of how they raised and taught me, I was able to confuse Sarah, my incredible wife, into thinking it was a good idea to marry me. I strive every day to treat her as good as my dad treats my mom. I may not succeed all the time, but I am only half the man I can be when I am away from her. And through this incredible soul mate that God gave me I have the chance to be a dad. I love Arlis so much. Even on days where he is insane and crazy he makes me laugh and smile more than I ever dreamed possible. I try to be the best dad I can because that is what I was shown growing up.

I saw a picture of my grandpa today. He passed away a few years ago, but I know that all this started with that man. He was gruff fisherman/oil refinery worker that had a huge heart. And he taught the same heart and love for family and God to my dad. My dad taught it to me. Now I get to teach it to Arlis everyday. It may not always be pretty. It may not ever be perfect. But I will teach him love, respect, hard work, passion, and the occasional fart joke.

I sit here at (now) 1:30 AMĀ on Fathers Day, I am happy.

Happy because God has entrusted me with a task of equipping fathers and mothers with the tools to give generations the same gifts that God gave me. I am happy because I finally realize, maybe for the first time ever, that being a good dad isn’t about today. It is about forever. Change your family tree is our church motto at Discover Family Church, and that isn’t about the here and now. It is about now and what is to come. I get to be a dad that understands how incredible that role is…..and that is actually the best Fathers Day present I could ever ask for.

peace – love – recycle

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