Goodbyes Are Hard

By imjohnnykelley, April 5, 2011

So this weekend something big happened in my life. A relationship that started a year and a half ago came to an end. I spent thousands of hours understanding, knowing, and nurturing this relationship, and all of a sudden in a second…..it is gone. I feel happy to know that she has moved on to a new life, but still feel a little empty inside.
I sold my bus Gracey.
 I got Gracey as a regular school bus in 2009. I spent about 5 months completely remodeling her into an RV and then lived in her for the last Bike For The Light tour. If you didn’t follow the whole process, you can see it here: Gracey the bus remodel pictures
Seems like a sad day, but it something we all deal with. If we are reaching out to help people, inevitably the day will come when someone that you spent hours mentoring, remodeling, crying with and praying for, will move on. God didn’t create us to sit still. We were created to seek out places that need our help. Places that feel significant. If we are to be like Christ, then we need to actually be like Christ, and be seeking out the hurting and needy around us. For some that means we will move on to a new place or area of the country. Sometimes that means moving on to a new step in life. Sometimes it is a new set of friends or circumstances. But I can say that being still and having your life not change is the exception, and not the rule. If the bible is to be our guide in life, then look to it, and how every major character was always moving around. There is an old saying that motion creates emotion. If you are having a hard time feeling God in your life, or reaching out, then maybe it is time to get moving.
Yes sometimes that will be sad, and you will hate to leave. But then you get to see what is on the other side. You see, Gracey is now going to be used by a non-profit in Miami that teaches underprivileged kids to surf, and the life lessons of sticking to something. I actually found someone that wanted her just the way she was. Pink & blue with a hundred thousand signatures of how students are going to change the world. Who would have ever thought someone would want her just the way she was? I could have kept her here with me, but she would have just rusted away in a parking lot. She moved on to something so much greater. My life is different as well. I moved on to a house, with a wife that is my best friend. There is a time and a place to be still, but don’t be scared to move forward when you are unsure. Do you think Paul was sure what he was doing as he walked the road to Damascus blinded by God? No, but he knew that sometimes to create a change in the world you have to actually change your world. Love the bus. Honor the bus. But get off the bus. Change the world. I love you Gracey. Keep changing the planet.
peace – love – recycle

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