By imjohnnykelley, July 18, 2013

I heard a quote a while back that is taking on new meaning in my life. We are planting a church (if you didn’t know that read this blog for more info). While I am feeling content, in God’s will, and super excited….I am also terrified. Here is the quote that has become my mantra on this new journey:

“Sometimes you have to set yourself up for failure, if you want to see a really big success.” – Adam Carolla

We have all heard the statement “Set yourself up for success”. The only problem with that is when you hit that target, you feel like there was more you could give. More you could do. Higher heights you could have reached. You may even stop working so hard because you have already reached the goal.
But when you set the goal so high that it seems like failure is inevitable, you never quit. You are always running uphill. You are attempting something that most people think is crazy. I felt like that when I started Bike For The Light. Telling someone that I was going to bicycle across the country and speak to people about changing the world seemed insane. Even to me. I was scared to quit my job and sell my stuff so I could get a cheap RV and head out on the road. I set myself up for failure. But in the end it was the biggest success I have had in ministry.
But, if I thought Bike For The Light was a marathon, planting a church is like an Ironman Triathlon. That is where God calls us so many times, but so many times we just never answer the call. That goes back to the final point today. If you set yourself up for something that is so big, it only seems possible to fail…..and then you end up succeeding despite all odds…..then it has to be God. So many times people tell me they want God to do incredible things through them. They say they want to have God work through them the way He worked through Paul, David, or Peter. But they never accept the challenges that lead to those great outcomes. If the only challenge you are accepting from God is attainable by you without Him, then you will never be great. You will never know what it means to let God do great things through you. You may be successful, but in the end most of what you do will be forgotten to history.
You want to make history?
You want to change the world?
You want to do something great for God?

Then set yourself up for failure.

peace – love – recycle

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