Computer Woes

By imjohnnykelley, June 22, 2010

I need a new computer. Its time. I have a great ole Mac PowerBook that I got new like 8 years ago. She still runs like a champ and has not given me any issues over the better part of the last decade. But it is time to move on. It was top of the line at the time I bought her. The problem isn’t that she is slower than the day I bought her. Well, not really. The problem is that all the new software is so much bigger and labor intensive on the her that it seems to run slower. When I run programs that are not new, she is fast as all get out. But I am trying to run 3 websites, graphics programs, video editing, etc on a computer that wasn’t made to do all that. It seems like a long time to go without updating hardware, but for years I was at churches that would provide newer computers for me to use. My computer would be used at home only, for the most part just for email and internet. Even that has gotten hard. Video streaming is horrible, and its just time for a new MacBook Pro. Gotta do it. So this year, my goal is to get a new computer.

(other than marrying the most beautiful woman in the world)

Im not gonna get the 17″ I got last time. I think a 15″ would be perfect. Im just venting because I tried to watch a YouTube video and it took forever to load, and even then it was choppy. Im done fighting it. Time to move on. Ok, the rant is over.

Anyways, I am in St. John Indiana for the night. Got to have dinner with Pastor Michael Smith and his family. They run Harvest Ridge Church. I spoke there last year and will be again next month. It was great catching up and talking with my friends. Tomorrow on to Fort Wayne at First Assembly of God. Should be a great service on Wednesday. Come hang out. Here is their website: www.firstassemblyfw.org. If you are in the area, come hang out with me. Mention this blog and I’ll give you something pretty cool. I mean it. Till tomorrow my little scamps…..goodnight.

peace – love – recycle

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