Risk Is Everything

March 6, 2014

If you aren’t risking anything, then you are risking everything. I have always been a risk taker. Many times that has led to so many hard and trying times in my life. But that has also led to the most incredible wins I have had. Simple fact is, you will never get the big rewards […]

Terror arrests aftermath

I Am Offended

February 13, 2014

Can I tell you something….I am offended. I know nearly everyone is offended, nearly all of the time. I also know that this post will offend some of you. We live in a culture that wants to be offended. Things that really have no bearing, or meaning to us, we take offense to. That is […]


Han Solo Christianity

December 12, 2013

I have grown up as an artist. When I was a kid I was singing and hamming it up every chance I got. When I hit high school I began acting. My freshman year I was a lead in the high school play (even got to kiss a senior, gotta love Brigadoon). Then when we […]


July 18, 2013

I heard a quote a while back that is taking on new meaning in my life. We are planting a church (if you didn’t know that read this blog for more info). While I am feeling content, in God’s will, and super excited….I am also terrified. Here is the quote that has become my mantra […]


Deformity & All

January 29, 2013

November 8th, 1970. A date that many of you weren’t alive in. The rest of you probably don’t remember it. It wasn’t a special date. For most people. Unless you are named Tom Dempsey. Born in 1947, Tom had more reasons than most to give up. He was born as a normal baby except he […]


Nothing To Prove

October 9, 2012

Unfocused: I heard something yesterday that made me laugh. It was from a guy that was at a charity auction. There were a bunch of wealthy people there all bidding on these high dollar items to raise money for the kids at a hospital. These people were paying way more money for these things than they […]

Embrace Your Failings

October 5, 2012

Today I was reading from Paul in Ephesians. Paul. The man who wrote more of the bible than any other. 2/3 of the New Testament came from his hand. The original missionary. A man that was saved by God’s grace in an awesome way. This guy had been killing and persecuting Christians and ended up […]


Obamacare: My Christian Perspective

June 28, 2012

A couple of hours ago the Supreme Court upheld Obamacare. Since then, my twitter and Facebook feeds have exploded with comments about it. Because of who I follow, most of it has been anger or disgust toward the decision. I understand that. I personally think it should not be our nations policy. But I want […]


The Politics of Jesus

February 27, 2012

I am about to do something you should never do. Talk politics. Especially politics mixed with religion. I am pretty sure that some people are not going to like what I have to say. But that is what comment sections are for. If you don’t want to read on….I understand. We are in the middle […]


al-Qaeda Ministry

April 26, 2011

Although al-Qaeda and Osama bin Laden have become almost synonymous over the last decade, bin Laden does not run the organization single-handedly. Its infrastructure is small, mobile, and decentralized—each cell operates independently with its members not knowing the identity of other cells. Local operatives rarely know anyone higher up in the organization’s hierarchy. Truth be […]