Bike For The Light

bike pic

I ride bicycles across the country to reach out to students. To help them realize they can change the world. In 2009 I rode from San Francisco California to Orlando Florida. That is more than 10,000 miles of long, hot, sweaty road. In 2010 I road a giant snake route across the entire eastern half of the U.S. Now why, you may ask, would a guy decide to leave his job and take on a task so incredibly hard? Well I will tell you.

It’s because I think that there is a great need for people to think beyond themselves. The world is hurting and needs help. From digging wells in Uganda, to buying a people mover for a missionary in the Dominican Republic, to helping a teenage girl in Chicago learn how to deal with depression, there are needs everywhere you look. I ride so that missionaries and humanitarian projects all over the world are able to keep doing the good work they have been called to do. So how does me riding a bicycle an obscene distance help? Glad you asked…..that is where you come in. We need people to pledge money to missions organizations. To take time out of your day and reach out in your city, to your friends. To help anywhere and everywhere you can. Whatever you can do will be appreciated. Please don’t make me ride all that way for nothing *puppy dog eyes*.

This ministry was started out of my youth group when I was youth pastoring in Miami, and now it is something that I do whenever needed or called upon. I am not on the road full time with the bike now, but am still doing rides and raising awareness anywhere someone needs me to. So if you would like to have me come sometime, just go to our Book Johnny page and let us know.

peace – love – recycle